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Garry Marshall on the Senior Dating Game

Dating & Marriage & Sex

The iconic Hollywood actor and director discusses the new dating rules for people over 50.

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Genealogy Reveals a Family Secret

By Jodi M. Webb | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

Apparently Jean's great-great-grandfather had more than one family

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Dueling With the Doula

By Erin Meanley | Family Matters

There's someone new in the delivery room — and it's not your grandbaby! Here's how to deal.

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GG & Me: Are You Spoiling Your Grandkids?

By Georgia Witkin, Ph.D. | Family Matters

Shopping for the kids is your right. But how much is too much?

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The Safe Haven

By Josseline Charas | Family Matters

When life feels most difficult, grandparents are always there

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Grandma's Babysitting Boundaries

By Wilmoth Foreman | Caring For Children

Be there for the kids when you can, but only when you can

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One Grandma's Crusade Against Terrorism

By Julie D. Andrews | Family Matters

Suffering the worst of life when her son was killed, now she's fighting back

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When You're a Parent ... Again

By Amanda Long | Caring For Children

Taking over as primary caretaker is not easy. But know this: You are not alone.

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That Evil Daughter-in-Law

By Jodi M. Webb | Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law

Hurt feelings. Tiffs. It's the fiercest of all family ties. Without mending, it may jeopardize your relationship with a grandchild.

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Digging Up Your Family Tree

By Eric Butterman | Family Matters

With these online tools, it's easier than ever to introduce grandchildren to their ancestors

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Compatibility Horoscope

How well do you get along with your grandchild and other family members? Want to know if your personalities mesh?

Find out here.