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How to Downsize a Lifetime of Your Parents' Stuff

By Kristen Sturt | Caregiving

Wondering how to downsize 30 or 40 years of furniture, memorabilia, and more? Start with these ten important guidelines.

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8 Things to Know When You’re Over 60

By Sally Stich | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

With the big six-oh finally in the rearview mirror, here's what you can look forward to.

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7 Things Not Worth Stressing Over

By Suzanne Gerber, Next Avenue | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

Whether it’s maturity or loss, eventually, hopefully, something teaches us what is and isn’t important

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6 Signs You're a Laid-back Mother-in-Law

By Sally Stich | Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law

When your well-meaning comments meet with snippy replies, how do you deal with your daughter-in-law?

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The Two Words You Should Never Say to a Friend

By Ellen Breslau | Friendship

These seemingly harmless utterings can send the message that you're just not that interested in being friends anymore

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7 Hallmarks of a Manipulative Friend

By Cari Wira Dineen | Friendship

If it feels like you’re always giving—and she's always taking—read this.

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When Your Grandbaby Isn't Adorable

Family Matters

No one likes to admit it, but sometimes grandkids don't turn out to be what we expected. It's okay. Here's how to handle your feelings.

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Fetus Appears to Clap Along to Mother's Singing

By The Editors | Inspiring Stories & Wisdoms

This baby is happy and she knows it. Watch as she shows it.

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How to Handle a Passive-Aggressive Daughter-in-Law

By Sally Stich | Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law

She invites you to family events at the last minute, and leaves to do "important errands" whenever you come over. If this sounds familiar, here's how to deal.

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How to Handle 15 Difficult Behaviors

By Paula Spencer Scott, contributing editor | Caregiving

These behaviors can challenge any family caregiver.

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Compatibility Horoscope

How well do you get along with your grandchild and other family members? Want to know if your personalities mesh?

Find out here.