5 Things You Might Not Know About Larry King

He’s had a storied career interviewing the most famous people in the world. Now we put Grandparents.com’s new spokesperson in the hot seat and find out some surprising things about him and his life.

By The Editors

You know Larry King as the television host—the man with the suspenders and radio-announcer voice who has sat behind a desk and done more than 50,000 interviews in his career. Larry is also a grandfather of five and great-grandfather of two, and we are thrilled to welcome him to the Grandparents.com family as our new spokesperson. We sat down with Larry and asked him to spill on some of the good stuff. Here’s what we learned:

  1. The best advice I could ever give my grandkids: Never give up! “Life is going to deal you some setbacks—you’ll hear the word ‘no’ a lot, you won’t get that job you wanted, a boy will break up with you—but there is always something good coming around the corner,” says Larry, whose dad died suddenly when he was nine-and-a-half. “My dad was an inspiration to me, and when he died I was so angry. But I built on that anger and resolved to live long, do well, and make my mother and him proud. You just can’t give up.”
  2. If I had one day to live over in my life, it would be the day I started smoking. “For many years I smoked all the time. I had a heart attack at 53 and then had bypass surgery,” says Larry. “That woke me up to my health. I now walk two miles a day, watch what I eat, and am very health aware. You have to take charge of your own health.”
  3. The three best movies of all time:  1. The Godfather parts I &II. “They are perfect movies in every way, and I’m counting them here as one movie. 2. The Best Years of Our Lives, about Veterans from World War II—this movie really tells the story of what it’s like to come home from war. 3. Field of Dreams. I’m a sports addict—I love this movie and baseball, and have always had season tickets to the Dodgers.”
  4. One of my favorite interviews was also the one that was the hardest to get: Frank Sinatra. “I had trouble getting him to sit down with me, and he didn’t want to answer questions, but I got him for three hours and he did it. That’s what makes it one of my favorites.”
  5. Guests’ words that have stuck with me over the years: “When I interviewed Jackie Robinson, he said during the interview, ‘Don’t put me in my grave promising me equality, show it to me now.’ I think of that a lot."

To see more of Larry's advice and stories on Grandparents.com, stay tuned!



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