15 Longest Celebrity Marriages

Who says Hollywood can't do marriage? These famous couples have been happily wed for over 25 years. Keep clicking to see who's made it to 60 (and counting)!

By Kristen Sturt
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My own parents were married for 73 yrs.Momma died in 2010 at the age of 96 and my Dad died 2 months and three days later at the age of 99.
They met when my Mom was pumping gas at her Dad's gas station.She was 15 at the time and my Dad was 18.This is the way my Dad describes the first time he saw her."I went to get gas one day and my Mother was with me in the car.I saw this beautiful dark headed fiesty young girl pumping gas, washing my windshield,singing as she worked so happy with a beautiful smile and a bubbly personality.And my heart did a flip-flop as I watched every move she made. And as I drove away I told my Mother.I'm gonna marry that little girl someday and 8 yrs later I did.

And they loved each other deeply, respected each other,showed my sisters and I an example of Christ's love all through their daily lives.

I am so glad to see at least 16 celebrity's marriage's mean something to them

Sally Cook on 2014-07-15 09:04:27

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