Fondue Recipes for Kids

Whether chocolate or cheese, kids will say, "yes, please!"

By Michele Thompson

Fondue, that melted mélange of cheese or chocolate simmering in a pot, is the perfect dish to get your kids interested in stretching their culinary horizons. The many different cheeses, chocolate and fun array of dippers can become an engaging family meal or a savory way to pass a rainy afternoon. Let your kids' help you prepare the fondue for melting as well as decide which dippers go best with the ooey gooey cheese or chocolate dip.

Four Rules for Fondue

Before you start cooking fondue with your kids, be sure to explain the rules that are going to keep them safe and burn-free.

1. Keep fingers, hands and clothing away from the heat. If you are using a fondue pot that has an open heating element or flame, instruct your kids to avoid it and explain the dangers of high heat.

2. Use a small slowcooker. A safer alternative to a fondue pot is a slowcooker. The heating element is encased and can be adjusted down to low.

3. Properly spear and twist. Half the fun of fondue is spearing various cubes of food for dipping. Show your kids how to use a fondue skewer, wood skewer or long fork to spear, dip, and then twirl food to let the excess fondue drip off.

4. No double dipping. To keep fondue germ-free, instruct your kids to dip once and pull food off without letting their teeth or lips touch the skewer or fork.

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