3 Cookie-in-a-Jar Recipes

Need a last-minute Christmas gift? These cute cookie-in-a-jar mixes are the answer to your yuletide dilemma.

By The Editors

Time is running out to find the perfect Christmas present. Instead of settling for a last-minute reindeer sweater or elf socks, why not surprise your favorite family member with a spiffy jar of tasty cookie mix? From Simply Sensational Cookies (Wiley) by Nancy Baggett, these crafty recipes are economical and easy to put together, not to mention dang delicious once prepared. To get started, you just need some jars, a funnel, and a few decorations.

As a special bonus, we’ve included printable recipe tags for each jar. Just hit the “Get recipe tag instructions here” at the bottom of each page for more information.

Happy eating, and happy holidays, from Grandparents.com!

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Excerpted from Simply Sensational Cookies by Nancy Baggett © 2012. Reprinted with permission from Wiley. Photographs courtesy of Diane Cu and Todd Porter.


These are nice...BUT!...I don't like to give or receive anything food wise that things have to be added to complete it, like eggs, oil, milk and such. Any food gifts I give are already made or you just add water, like Peppermint Hot Chocolate or 15-Bean Soup for example. I made mini chocolate chip cookies and put them in a pretty jar last year, Peppermint Hot Chocolate mix in a jar the year before and this year I made homemade jelly from juice. I also processed it so it can be stored for a long period of time if they'd like and decorated the jar with a nice label and a pretty cloth.

sgrissom@ussecurityassociates.com on 2012-12-18 11:17:17

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