Our Delicious Desserts Recipe Contest Winner

Our readers submitted their most delicious dessert recipes. Here's our favorite.

By The Editors

The most amazing thing about the Delicious Desserts Recipe Contest was all the creative flavors that were submitted. We expected mountains of chocolate delicacies and cookie creations, but the results surprised us. Maybe all the baking grandparents had their minds on spring. Maybe they just reached into their recipe boxes to find that little something extra. The result was a scrumptious array of unexpected delights, and our favorites reflect that variety.

And the winner is ...

Ribbon Cookies, submitted by Donna B. of Summerville, S.C.

These stunning little revelations outdid our expectations. When you put that first one in your mouth, the light, lemony cookie and the gooey raspberry preserves create a symphony of flavor. As each person in the office wandered by and picked a cookie off the plate, the inevitable exclamation followed: "Ooh, these are good!" That's the sure sign of a winner. Congratulations, Donna! Thanks for sharing!

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We also selected four other finalists in this contest:

Banana Cake, shared by Karen G. of Griffin, Ga.

Lemon Curd Cake, shared by Deborah C. of Falls Church, Va.

Lemonilla Ice Cream, shared by Lottie J. of Austin, Tex.

Pistachio Cake, shared by Donna C. of Deford, Mich.


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