Action Movie Kid Takes Internet by Storm

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a little boy, inserted into epic movie scenes by his magic-making dad.

By Kristen Sturt

Our scene opens on four-year-old James Hashimoto, imploring his father to join him in a wooden playground boat. Suddenly, with a turn of the camera, the preschooler is wrestling to keep his ship upright in a maelstrom, as lightning flashes in the distance and waves crash over the bow.

The 15-second clip is an epic sight, one of dozens starring James, a.k.a. Action Movie Kid. In another short, he’s leaping over a living room lava flood. In the most recent video, he’s being whisked away by a UFO that was a driveway chalk drawing seconds before. Each vignette is filmed and edited by James' dad, Daniel, a special effects artist on movies like Kung Fu Panda 2. Hashimoto began posting the clips to YouTube in 2014, and they went viral shorty thereafter. Today, he claims around 600,000 followers, hundreds of millions of views, and a book, Action Movie Kid.

Want more? Check out Action Movie Kid’s full lineup here, and be on the lookout for his little sister, 13-month-old Sophia, who recently made her debut. To be sure, she's an action movie star in the making.


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