Clinton v. Trump: On the Issues

No opinions. No spin. Just the facts about 10 political issues that matter to you, straight from the candidates' mouths.

By Kristen Sturt
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Both candidates are extremely Dishonest along with other destructive qualities, so that makes them terrible as POTUS!
USA is Lost for 4 years!! ;-(

mjns on 2016-08-11 18:09:42

Yes, this Trump/Clinton article was very bias, did have a spin and was pro Clinton. How sad the comments on women and the rights of the women and pro choice. What about the rights of the precious baby. A women who aborts is a women totally focused on what is convenient for her - pure selfishness. Abortion is actually murder. The term murder has to be hidden behind the term abortion because people don't want to think of themselves as murderers, but thats what it is. The baby's right are taken away because of women selfishness and total focus on themselves only. There are many who would love that baby and care for it with all their heart. Give the baby to a loving family instead of killing it. Yes, I'll vote for Trump. A vote for Clinton is a vote for an extremely dishonest evil person. She lies repeatedly and is responsible for the murder of her fellow Americans. Obama is the worst President our country has ever had and Clinton would equal him. What a horrible state our country is in and it will continue if she is elected. I pray she will not be elected.

nmv on 2016-08-08 18:41:41

I don't understand how anyone can think this posting is bias in any way. All the information in this piece is based on the truth- or a least what each candidate claims. Hillary is for this - Trump is not... etc. Hillary is a true Democrat who believes in equality for all - and for women to be in control of their own bodies/ better know as Pro Choice - Trump, like all good Republicans, is against gay marriage and wants to reverse Roe vs. Wade and, once again, take away the rights of women to decide to have a baby or not. Pretty clear - this is the difference between candidates - and, in general, the difference between Democrats and Republicans. People are free to choose who is the best candidate and vote accordingly - but you can't blame this publication for being bias when all they did was print out exactly what each candidate has said in previous speeches or publications. So those who don't believe in equality for everyone and do not think that women should be able to make their own decision about their own bodies, and don't think our environment should be protected, and think the USA should, once again, get into an all-out war with ISIS - then these people will vote for Trump because, according to him, we need to "make America great again" as if America hasn't always been great and isn't great at this very moment. He seems to be really proud of this country as he continues to say that America needs to be made "great again." I am pretty sure we are now and have always been great from the get go.

superSharon on 2016-08-05 22:42:53

Hillary and the new Democrats are wrong for America. LGBT people!!!! If we continue (as Hillary says she will) to let Islamists promote their religion they will get rid of you. Their religion will not allow anyone not like them to live yet alone do it freely. Where does Hillary think she is going to get all the money for her ideas? As always the Democrats will raise taxes and it won't be on the rich. She is rich, so is her daughter and her friends and Obama! Clinton has lied her way to the position she is in. Who is she going to lie to next? So you think she is going to help the people of color? Who is she lying to now???

cooky2 on 2016-08-05 17:35:58

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