How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets? (Plus Seven More Linens)

Learn how frequently you should really launder your sheets, bath towels, curtains, pillows and more.

By Kristen Sturt
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One word: Ewww! With pets in our house (and beds) and perpetual foot fungus, these "guidelines" are nowhere near frequent enough. I wash towels DAILY and in hot water. Sheets, blankets (in cold weather), and bedspread/comforters are weekly, as are bath rugs (and NOT with towels: they get warm water and gentle cycle). Pillows vary. You can't wash memory foam, so I use Febreze and/or hang on clothesline to air out. I spray or wash between houseguests my spare pillows, depending on length of use; then air on line. I CANNOT imagine only washing sheets less often than weekly. And reusing towels? Gross! Not drying my face after drying my privates and feet! Some may say "They're clean", but not sanitized by any means! on 2017-08-01 01:31:59

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