8 Best Ways to Bug-Proof Your House

What you can do to the outside — and inside — of your home to keep ants, roaches, and other little buggers at bay.

By Michael Pomranz
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Actually, you don't really need an exterminator for bedbugs. I had them, and I had *him*, and I still had them after two visits. So I got a bag of diatomaceous earth. It took about four years, but I killed 'em!

The problem is that exterminators today can't use DDT, which is what rendered bb's just about extinct in this country in the 50s and 60s. What they *can* use kills maybe 90% of the critters, and the ones that survive are just that much tougher. Then they have to use something else, and *that* gets maybe 90%. And so on. And as long as you have one pregnant female, you'll get them again. DE, however, attacks their physical integrity; they can't build up an immunity to it (or be hatched with one). As far as we know, they don't spread diseases, so if you can put up with a few welts, just use DE.

chrijeff50@hotmail.com on 2016-06-16 08:07:57

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