Larry King's Hot Seat: Bon Jovi, Mick Jagger and More

Larry talks about his favorite rocker and roll musicians.

By Larry King

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Larry on The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Bon Jovi and rock music:

"I like a lot of rock stars that I have interviewed over the years. Paul McCartney and The Beatles, I’ve interviewed them. Paul McCartney played piano at my house. I had interviewed him, twice and then we had dinner, and he came over to the house played piano, listened to my wife sing, made suggestions and asked her to record a song, which she did and then I had an embarrassing situation with Paul. He was doing a concert in Las Vegas and I went backstage and I went up front stage with him right before the curtain opened up. I’m standing with him. And the guy says, “Show time!” So, Paul said, "Just go out the curtain and go down to your seat." You know there were like 18,000 people. So, I walked out the front curtain and the audience started yelling “Larry!” And suddenly they were all going "Larry! Larry!" And he whispered from behind the curtain saying “What are you going to sing?” I sheepishly ran off stage. It was kind of weird you know.

Nobody draws in more people than Jon Bon Jovi. Who is a great guy by the way. He is a sweetheart. He’s a Jersey boy, he has no big airs about him. He is like a regular guy right off the street.  He broke a new song on my show.

Guess the best would be Mick Jagger. I interviewed Mick Jagger in New York, and just saw their concert at the Brooklyn Barclay Arena. I’m not a fan of their music. I like their energy—it was wild to watch them. They were as good as ever you know up for two-and-a-half hours. I never saw such energy in one place in my life. It was quite an evening.

Now my music is Sinatra. But I have an appreciation for what fans like so I understand where they have appeal. If my son is listening to things that I don’t understand, doesn’t mean it's bad, just means I don’t understand it. Music has always been made fun of by the older crowd. I thought The Beatles was a stupid name. And then I got to listen to their music and began to appreciate it. I told Mick Jagger that, I had a great interview with him and I said nice things about him. As bright as he is, you know he graduated the LSE he is kind of brilliant Mick Jagger, and to last that long as a performer…As Frank Sinatra said to me once, "There is a lot to be said for longevity. Don’t put down longevity!"

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