Larry King's Hot Seat: Most Surprising Guests

Larry talks about which of his guests he expected not to like, but meeting them totally changed his mind.

By Larry King

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Larry on the guests he couldn't help but like:

"I expected not to like the Watergate burglar…G. Gordon Liddy. He had written a book and had gotten out of jail. I expected to hate him and I wound up finding him fascinating—totally true to his cause, a total believer and in a way, kind of weirdly likable. This was a guy who said that he would have killed Jack Anderson, who was a reporter. Because Jack Anderson he thought didn't represent American values. So I said to him, “You would have really killed him?” He said, “Absolutely.” I said, “You would have done time in jail.” He said, “So what?” He totally blew my mind. He was the guy who had a match under his finger and didn't yell. Totally shocked me—I like him until this day. I don't agree with anything he stood for or anything he did, but I liked him. 

"I also liked Willie Sutton a lot, the famous bank robber. who had been, got out of prisons, escaped from prisons. I interviewed him after he had served his time and gotten out of prison. He was working for safe company, the Mosler Safe Company as an adviser. He was delightful. In fact, there is a new book about him called 'Sutton'.

"He's the guy that made that famous statement when asked, he was very smart and very bright. “Willie, you're so smart you're so bright why did you rob banks?” And he said, “Because thats where the money is.”

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