Larry King's Hot Seat: Peace in the Middle East

Larry discusses whether the Jews and Arabs can ever solve their differences.

By Larry King

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Larry on Peace in the MIddle East:

"Clinton came close once Clinton told me he thought he had a deal locked up with Arafat and Barack had agreed. They thought it was signed and sealed, and then Arafat backed off. The problem is its Biblical. It’s land-based, fighting over land. Truman, when he was Secretary of State, had a deal worked out to give a good portion of Brasilia in Brazil to Israel, and Truman turned it down saying Israel would never go for that because its a battle over land. The problem with the issue is when you hear both sides you’re nod. Both sides are right, and when you have an equation like that you have something that is really going to require a meeting of the minds. The violence has to stop.How to stop it, I have no idea.I don't want to say its unsolvable but it’s its the biggest problem spot in the world."

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