Larry King's Hot Seat: The Dalai Lama

Larry talks about the Dalai Lama's surprising sense of humor.

By Larry King

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Larry on the Dalai Lama:

"He is an extraordinary person. There is something comforting about being in his company. He’s a very good guest —he has a good sense of humor. The first time I had a lot of fun with him because he walked in through the door at CNN and I said, “Hello, Dalai!” He is just very spiritual, even though he has been exiled he doesn’t have any bitterness he’s a cool guy.  I did a Christmas eve show with him once.I had him on with Richard Gere once, and Richard Gere, of course, is one who really reveres him. A lot of people around him revere him as a messenger of God, so I have a great respect."

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