Your '80s Sitcom Quiz!

How well do you know sitcoms from the 1980s? Take our quiz and find out!

By Kristen Sturt
  • In this universally beloved sitcom, a group of high-functioning alcoholics gather nightly, ignoring their loved ones, to crack jokes and mock an intelligent mailman.

  • You take the good. You take the bad. You take Natalie, Jo, Tootie, and Blair – along with seventh-season addition George Clooney – and there you have:

  • A good-looking, live-in caretaker from a different culture navigates a family’s hilarious foibles, eventually falling in love with the head of the household.

  • Maude, Sue Ann Nivens, Fran Crowley and Mom from “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” sling withering, hilarious insults at each other in this Miami-based megahit:

  • Though they find him disgusting and he continually attempts to eat their cat, a polite, middle-class family allows an obnoxious illegal alien to live with them.

  • Good-natured hippies and their none-too-bright daughters are outsmarted and eventually outshone by their adorable, arch-capitalist middle child, a diminutive Reagan-in-training who looks exactly like Marty McFly from "Back to the Future."

  • A young advertising writer dresses like a woman to keep his cheap New York City apartment. His roommate, Tom Hanks, does the same.

  • A high-powered lawyer and successful obstetrician raise five polite, well-meaning children in a beautiful Brooklyn brownstone. Viewers are expected to believe they have problems like any other family.

  • Featuring big stars, bigger hair, and the biggest shoulder pads on network TV (Bea Arthur aside), this Southern-flavored sitcom follows the Sugarbaker sisters and their cabal of smart-mouthed employees.

  • An older, patricianly/wealthy white man adopts – and has his life changed for the better – by (an) adorable, wisecracking moppet(s) from the wrong side of the tracks.

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