Quiz: Surprising Santa Claus Facts

How much do you know about Kris Kringle? Find out by taking this surprising Christmas quiz.

By Sara Schwartz
  • What nationality was the original St. Nicholas?

  • What was one of the ways St. Nick earned his stripes as patron saint of children and gift-bringer?

  • About how long ago did we start calling him “Santa Claus”?

  • Where is the North Pole located?

  • What military defense group operates the official Santa tracker on Christmas Eve?

  • Why does Santa Claus wear red and white?

  • When and where did the first department store Santa appear?

  • How many miles does Santa travel on Christmas Eve?

  • Which of these is NOT a name for Santa?

  • From what country does Santa receive the most letters each year?

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This was fun! However, I didn't do as well on the quiz as I thought I would. But I learned some things about Santa that I didn't know before!!!

coreen2v@gmail.com on 2014-12-10 09:45:11

I had fun taking this quiz and shared it on Facebook for others to enjoy also. I was not able to post it without my answers. I would have liked to have only posted the quiz.

bscmem@hotmail.com on 2014-12-02 14:29:04

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