The Ultimate Super Bowl Trivia Quiz

Are you ready for some football ... trivia?

By Kristen Sturt
  • Which team has won the most Super Bowls?

  • What was the most expensive commercial ever aired during the Super Bowl?

  • Which of the following HAS occurred during a Super Bowl?

  • What group has performed in the most Super Bowl halftime shows?

  • Which quarterback has a record three Super Bowl MVPs, four Super Bowl wins, and the most Super Bowl touchdown career passes, with 11?

  • Which two celebrities were involved in Super Bowl XXXVIII’s infamous Wardrobe Malfunction incident in 2004?

  • What was the final score for the biggest blowout in Super Bowl history?

  • What company has spent more on Super Bowl commercials than any other?

  • Has there ever been a 100-yard single play in the Super Bowl?

  • Who was the first Super Bowl-winning quarterback to proclaim, “I’m going to Disney World!”

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