8 All-in-One Chicken Dinners

Our partners at Dash are sharing their tastiest, easiest poultry meals. Eat up!

By Dash
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are these recipes healthy for my diet being 61 yrs old

charliealvarado517@yahoo.com on 2013-04-17 18:48:18

Man! They all look luscious.. The cheddar chicken bites especially. I'll take one serving of each, thank you very much.

anonymous on 2012-09-13 01:53:49

Yum! And if you're a member of Grandma's Pantry here on GP.com but don't know where to find it, just scroll to the top of the page and click on Community. Yes, Community. You'll come to a page labeled Groups, where you'll see a list of Group Categories. Obviously, you'll find Grandma's Pantry under Food.... Then again, if you're looking for Grandparents Caring for Grandkids, you'll find it under Grandparenting. Mothers-in-Law Anonymous? Check out Family Matters. Etc. If you got and read the email sent out a few days b4 the transition, you know that only 11 forums from the old site were brought over here. All 11 are in the Community area (along with a few new groups that have cropped up).... FWIW...

rosered135 on 2012-09-12 23:22:37

love this

anonymous on 2012-09-12 22:00:06

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