3 Grilled Cheese Recipes to Please

Everything is better stuffed or topped with cheese.

By The Editors

Grilled Cheese by Marlena Spieler

Grilled cheese sandwiches are pretty straightforward – American cheese, white bread, and maybe a little butter, thrown in a hot pan until everything toasts and melts to your satisfaction. Easy peasy.

But why limit yourself? While there’s nothing wrong with the standby, there's a world of delicious breads, cheeses, and preparations that can bring your sandwich from ordinary to truly outstanding. In Grilled Cheese (Chronicle), Marlena Spieler shares 50 recipes that do exactly that – turn a simple lunch into a taste bud-tempting feast. And now she's shared three of those wildly different dishes with Grandparents.com. We think you’ll approve.

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Excerpted from Grilled Cheese © 2004 by Marlena Spieler. Photographs by Sheri Giblin. Reprinted with permission of Chronicle Books.


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