9 Best U.S. Campsites

Hit the great outdoors this summer with the best family-friendly campgrounds in the U.S.

By Frances Dumlao
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What is so sad and unfortunate is that this article misses some of the most awesome campsites in the US. Example, Yogi Bear is not just at this site, there is one in Cheney, WA that is incredible. I can name 20 or more campgrounds in Washington State and at least that in Idaho and Oregon and not one is mentioned. Some of the most incredible camping is also in Alaska. What a prejudiced article and so sad that it limits people's imagination. I live in Virginia now, have been to Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama and Florida; pretty places, nice country but camping is not limited to the East Coast and Mid-West or California and New Mexico. You missed so much.

lrclark62@gmail.com on 2013-09-25 12:47:15

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