City Guides: 100+ Insider Travel Tips

Travel smarter with these hotel, restaurant, and attraction recommendations tailored to you and your grandkids. Get more out of your trip to these 16 top cities!


From the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta has always been a city rich in history. Explore all of this and more as you sip on a Coca-Cola (first sold in Atlanta in 1886), or take a walk through Centennial Olympic Park.
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This capital city in the heart of Texas is known as the Live Music Capital of the World, drawing international crowds for festivals like South by Southwest and Austin City Limits. But all visitors will find Austin is full of “weird” surprises!
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baltimore inner harborBaltimore

Baltimore is the perfect place for grandchildren who are boat and water lovers! Founded in 1729, it’s home to the largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic United States. So brush up on your “Bawlmorese” and visit Charm City!
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Historic and modern, educational and fun, Boston offers something for everyone in the family. It also happens to be one of the most “kid-centric” locales in the country. Trace our national heritage from Back Bay to Beacon Hill and points beyond.
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With its scenic skyline and riverfront, the Windy City is must-see destination for grandparents and their families. From the popular Skydeck Chicago to a Super Dawg meal, your grandkids will enjoy the old-school meets new-school attractions.
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To the world, Cleveland is The Rock and Roll Capital, C-Town, and home of the sports greats. To Clevelanders, however, this is just home. But don’t let the quiet reserve fool you. This city is full of great history and culture.
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las vegasLas Vegas

Whatever happens in Vegas with your grandchildren, will follow you for the rest of your life. That’s because there’s more to this city than the glitz, glitter, high rollers, and fast pace that meets the eye.
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los angeles hollywood signLos Angeles

The City of Angels offers countless options for a family getaway. The glitz and glamour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills are irresistible, but so are funkier enclaves like Koreatown and the breathtaking views along the Pacific.
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The City of Lakes and City of Nature — better known as Minneapolis — is a wonderful place to experience the great outdoors. The city’s parks department has been called one of the best-designed and best-maintained in America.
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new orleansNew Orleans

As one of the oldest cities in the country, New Orleans is steeped in history, art and Southern Hospitality. Its diverse fabric has given birth to cultural icons and structures, such as the French Quarter and Garden District, and of course hip-swinging jazz.
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new york cityNew York City

New York City is often called the center of the universe, and for good reason! There’s always something happening in The Big Apple, whether it’s a magician doing card tricks in Washington Square Park or a mariachi band performing in a subway car.
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Philadelphia’s pivotal role in the founding of our nation makes it a rewarding destination for families. Nestled on the shores of two rivers, Philadelphia is unmistakably urban, but the countryside is only a short drive from Center City. Bring on the cheese steak!
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As one of the first cities in the U.S., Providence has a lot of history, culture and water. Providence, Rhode Island, will provide much for your grandkids and you to sea and do, including the Rose Island Lighthouse in Newport and Waterplace Park in Downtown.
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san diego zooSan Diego

With its beautiful beaches, amazing attractions (like the famous San Diego Zoo), and mild temperatures, San Diego has all of the ingredients for a great family vacation year-round.
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san francisco golden gate bridgeSan Francisco

The City by the Bay has lured adventurers to its shores even before the fabled Gold Rush. Today, its reputation lies in its status as the epicenter of innovation. The kids will love the city's diversity, from the great outdoors to its cultural institutions.
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seattle fulton marketSeattle

Rain or shine, Seattle is the most vibrant and interesting city in the Pacific Northwest. While its a safe bet to expect a few gray days during your visit, there is plenty of outdoor and indoor fun to be had.
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