6 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions

Not all world-class destinations live up to their postcard promises. Travel writers reveal their most over-hyped locales. (Turns out each one had a good reason for visiting, anyway.)

By Irene S. Levine
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The Alamo was a letdown for me too, Key West is nothing but a tourist trap designed to make cruise ship passengers spend money for nothing (but my sister did score a 6-toed (polydactyl) cat as they do re-home them when the population needs to be thinned down. Another place way not worth seeing is the St. Louis Arch. Boring. Beyond. Words. with a tram that breaks frequently STRANDING YOU inside the arch up really high in heat, darkness and a very small space. Claustrophobic people should not visit. EVER. Visit the St Louis Basilica instead. Also, St Louis and Kansas City are NOT the barbecue towns they are supposed to be. Memphis is also a tourist trap with Graceland being really overpriced. New Orleans is never coming back and they have overpriced restaurants which are living on their reputation as their chefs left.
Here's a few more places that ARE worth visiting: Washington, DC: The Smithsonian which is 6 or 7 museums that would each fill up a full day and FREE ADMISSION!!!
Palm Beach, FL The Flagler Museum. Cheap admission and when you walk through you are overwhelmed with the grandeur. All you think about is how much fun it must be to be THAT rich and if you could buy LOTTO tickets there, it would be the #1 seller of tickets in the world!
Baton Rouge, Louisiana The opulence and history of the state capital is breathtaking, the food is better than New Orleans by far as all the chefs moved here after Katrina. Mardi Gras in BR is better than New Orleans, it's half the cost for food and hotels, a fourth of the crime, a tenth of the tourists and LSU is the biggest city in Louisiana on any given Saturday in Death Valley.

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