Travel Grant Tips for Grandkids

Write a professional-looking "travel grant" for your grandparents

By Lisa Sonne

Attention, kids! Do you want to go on a trip with your grandparents? If you apply to them for a travel grant, you could end up going on an amazing adventure! Here are eight tips for filling out your application:

1. Describe yourself ("the applicant") in positive terms. Use phrases like "your oldest and longest-loved grandchild" or "a kid who has overcome the challenges of middle-child syndrome." Be sure to mention your relationship with your grandparents and how the trip will strengthen it; for example, "I want to learn more about you."

2. Describe your need. "Need" can be approached from different perspectives: The world needs well-traveled citizens; your grandparents need someone to help them carry their luggage. Think about how your needs mesh with the specific needs your grandparents have outlined.

3. Propose a solution and be specific. Describe your idea and clearly state the purpose of the trip. Explain how it will help address the needs you described above. Also, make sure the trip you propose is possible; do some research. The internet is a great resource, but try to include something personal about your grandparents. 

4. List your community partners. Describe any other people who will be going along (your parents or friends) or anybody else who will benefit directly from your travel and who wants you to get this travel award.

5. Make a trip schedule showing proposed assignments. A chart could help keep you on schedule and shows you know what will be involved. State what needs to be done before you go and during the trip, who will do it, and how each activity fulfills needs and goals.

6. Include a budget.This might be outlined in the application request by your grandparents. List the money you or your partners will contribute to the project. Your parents or grandparents can help you estimate costs.

7. Summarize.You should sum up clearly what you have written. It shouldn’t be too long.

8. Attach supporting documents. Include anything that will strengthen your application. Be creative. Take pictures or make drawings. Ask parents, teachers, and others to sign a petition supporting the idea of the trip.

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