Family Vacations Off the Beaten Path

Visit these obscure but rewarding destinations on your next family getaway.

By Marcy Black
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My husband and I are grandparents who live in Ocean City, MD while all our grandkIds are in Menlo Park, CA and Bend OR. This site would be perfect to set up a coast-to-coast house sitting, plant and pet care in return for a grandparent place to stay arrangement with other grandparents who live in the grandkIds' home area. Any suggestions? on 2013-04-29 11:32:24

Great places to add to any bucket list. But you missed Leila's Hair Museum in Independence, the only place of its kind in America and possibly the world. With thousands of pieces of artwork, hair "wreaths", jewelry and hair of famous folks like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, George Washington, JFK, Michael Jackson and John Lennon, a visit to the Hair Museum is truly unforgettable.

janeena on 2013-04-25 06:51:44

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