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Actor Joe Mantegna knows that creativity is essential to fulfillment, and credits his grandfather with helping him develop his talents. He was an older man, but never old, and mentored the Criminal Minds star after his father passed away. For both men, art was – and is – life.


Great video! I was especially moved when Joe Mantegna spoke of his father's unfortunate passing and how, after that, his grandfather kind of stepped into the father role. This is what so many grandparents do, in these situations. And while the cause is sad the result can be very beautiful.

In fact, it reminds me of many of the grandparents (and great-grandparents, etc) that I've met over inf Grandparents Caring for Grandkids. If you were a member of that group on the "old" and you're looking for it here, just scroll to the very top of this page, click on Community, then Grandparenting and you'll find us. If you're new here and are raising your grandchildren, helping tor raise them or watching them several days a week and/or for long hours, I'd love to have you come and join us, too. (Other such relative caregivers are welcome, also. As are former and soon-to-be such caregivers.)

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