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Everything you need to know about grandkids, from activities to do together, to the best ways to keep them safe, to the latest toys and gifts to buy them.

6 Retro Toys That Will Make You Miss the 60s

By Ryan McMahon | Toys, Books & Entertainment

You'll never forget your favorite childhood toys. Here are seven popular retro toys from the 60s whose appeal hasn't faded.

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6 New Ways to Connect With Your Grandkids

Long Distance Grandparents

Outside-of-the-box ideas to connect with loved ones this September

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Board Games Without the "Bored"

By Dana Rossi | Toys, Books & Entertainment

Laugh off some good-natured competition with these family-friendly games

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Beat the Winter Blues: Have an Indoor Beach Party

By Lisa Freedman | Birthdays & Celebrations

Beat winter blues with a little summer fun — in your living room.

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Road Trip Must-Haves

By Phoebe Assenza | Activities, Games & Crafts

From frivolous and fun to totally necessary, these are our favorite games and gear for hitting the road with your grandchildren

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Coloring Pages

Print this coloring page by
clicking on the button below:

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Make Your Own Paper:
Professor Figgy's Step-By-Step Guide

By Jim Noonan | Activities, Games & Crafts

With just a few ingredients and a bit of patience, you, too, can make your own paper!

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How To Play Dots

By Zachary Collinger | Activities, Games & Crafts

A "griddy" game where dots become lines and lines become squares. The player with the most squares wins.

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Paper Crafts

Activities, Games & Crafts

Just add paper to make these projects fabulous and fun.

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The Coolest School Supplies List

By Ryan McMahon and Jessica Dysart | Education & School

Send your grandkids back to school looking their best with these cool (and useful!) products.

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Compatibility Horoscope

How well do you get along with your grandchild and other family members? Want to know if your personalities mesh?

Find out here.