100 Free Things to Do With Your Grandkids

A field guide to more smiles, more fun, more memories

By The Editors

Memories of a lifetime are made from the simplest pleasures, ones that don’t necessarily include buying a $50 personalized teddy bear or a $200 video game system.

Here at Grandparents.com, we brainstormed and came up with a list of 100 free things to do with your grandchildren of all ages. You might need some materials — like construction paper, paint, uncooked pasta, or an old shoe box. But, for the most part, these activities are free and provide the little diversions in life that make the bond between you and your grandchildren even stronger.

1. Build a Shoebox Dollhouse 26. Learn Rummy 500
2. Assemble a Pinhole Camera 27. Thumb Wrestle
3. Make a Shoebox Guitar 28. Make Sock Puppets
4. Write a Letter to an Elected Official 29. Play Hot Lava
5. Make Paper Snowflakes 30. Discover Decoupage
6. Play Board Games 31.  Have a Staring Contest
7. Make a Mini-Proscenium 32. Make Your Own Puzzle
8. Play Sardines 33. Throw Water Balloons
9. Set Up a Bowling Alley With Bottles 34. Make Paper Bag Puppets
10. Make a Mobile 35. Walk Dogs at a Shelter
11. Invent a Dessert Together 36. Freeze Juice Pops
12. Create a Collage 37. Craft a Pasta Necklace
13. Take a Firehouse Tour 38. Turn Old Jewelry into New Jewelry
14. Teach Them How to Tie a Tie 39. Play Dress Up
15. Play Along With a Game Show 40. Make a Shoebox Diarama
16. Take a Hike 41. Build a Terrarium
17. Make a Craft Stick Box 42. Make Your Own Bubble Bath
18. Practice Shadow Puppets 43. Play Music With a Wine Glass
19. Cut Up Pillowcases for Costumes 44. Publish a Family Newspaper
20. Play Pretend Store 45. Decorate Masks
21. Download an iPod Walking Tour 46. Show Them the Spoon on the Nose Trick
22. Tell Tongue Twisters 47. Use Your Green Thumb
23. Make a Comic Book 48. Come Up With Palindromes
24. Draw a Life-Size Me 49. Go Sledding
25. Visit the Library 50. Take an Alphabet Walk



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