8 Fun Things To Do in the Rain

Interested in what to do in the rain? These fun activities will give you plenty of ideas for stuff to do on a rainy day.

By Elizabeth Encarnacion
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These activities sound like great fun if you don't mind you or the kids getting wet! if you( general) are a grandparent (or any other relative besides one of the parents), I think you would have to check with the parents b4 doing most of them or even suggesting them to the kids. Especially if it's not only rainy but also cold. If you're a custodial grandparent (or other relative), that, of course, is a different matter.

In fact, IF you're a custodial grandparent (or other relative), or are raising your grandkids in any other capacity, or helping to raise them or even 'just," like me, watching them frequently or for long hours, I'd love to have you come and talk to us in Grandparents Caring for Grandkids, in the Community area of this website. And I invite former and soon-to-be caregivers, as well. (Other posters are also welcome but, please understand that the main thrust of the group is the concerns of grandparent/relative caregivers.)

And we're easy to find! Just go to the very top of this page (above the website title) and click on Community. Then scroll down to about the middle of the Index, under the heading of Grandparenting, and you'll see us!

Looking forward to meeting you!

rosered135 on 2013-04-17 16:37:12

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