A Family’s Guide to Summer Camp

Camp season is here and we've got all you need to help families get ready, plus a challenge for your camp memory

By The Editors

Whether it's day camp or sleepaway, summer camp is a great American tradition. In some families, maybe including yours, generations of kids have boarded buses for six, eight, or ten weeks away from home braving the woods, the mosquitoes, and the burnt mac-and-cheese, while others have made the daily trek to a local pool or lake to get their feet wet at day camp.

Grandparents.com has all you need for camp season, including:

What Do You Know About Summer Camp?
A quiz that challenges your memory and asks if you know how much camps have changed (or not) over the years.

Summer Care Packages
It's your duty as a grandparent to send kids boxes of goodies that will make the other kids jealous. We've got some terrific suggestions.


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