Easy Winter Crafts Kids Love

Grab some supplies you already have and enjoy a fun day making these projects together.

By Emily Miranda

Paper plates are the perfect material for making paper snowflakes — an activity that's fun for kids of all ages.


  • Paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie marker


  1. Fold a paper plate in half. It won’t fold completely flat, but that’s okay.
  2. With the Sharpie marker, draw simple shapes to cut along the folded edge.
  3. Draw more shapes to cut around the curved edge.
  4. Cut out both sets of shapes, and open.
  5. For more advanced snowflakes, fold the paper plate in half, and then in half again. Draw shapes along every edge. deeply along the folded, ‘hinged’ edge, to maintain the snowflake’s strength.
  6. Hang your snowflakes around the house and enjoy them all winter long!

Create the enchanting magic of a snow globe at home. Watch your favorite little objects get covered in silvery snow!


  • Clear glass jar with screw-on lid
  • Waterproof figures or objects that will fit into the jar (Plastic is best)
  • Hot glue, or other waterproof glue (Aquarium sealant from a pet store, or clear silicone caulk from the hardware store are both excellent for this craft, though each takes longer to dry than hot glue.)
  • Silver or white glitter
  • Cold water


  1. Remove the lid from the jar. Place it on the table open-side up.
  2. You should assist in using a hot glue gun or applying waterproof sealant. Glue waterproof figures or objects into the lid, creating your scene for inside the snow globe. As you work, test that your composition is not too big to fit into the jar by placing the jar over it.
  3. If you are not using hot glue, make sure to let the glue dry completely before going to step 4!
  4. Fill the glass jar with cold water, leaving 1/2 inch of air space at the top.
  5. Stir in the glitter, a bit at a time. Depending on the size of your jar, and the type of glitter, it could take anywhere from 1/2 teaspoon to 2 teaspoons of glitter. Stop adding glitter when you see the amount you would like swirling around as you stir. More is not always better.
  6. Squeeze some glue along the threaded top of the jar where the cap will screw on. Proceed to step 7 immediately. This time, do not let the glue dry!
  7. Take the cap, with the figures or objects, and carefully screw it onto the jar, tightly. Now let the glue dry. It will form a watertight seal. Do not turn over until you are certain the glue has dried (Waiting for an hour is usually safe. More time is always safer.)
  8. Now you are ready to make it snow! Shake the jar upside-down, and set on a flat surface. Watch as the glittery snow descends upon the miniature world you have made.

Make a jolly snowman from common household objects, and use as a paperweight or just a decoration. This snowman will never melt, so you can enjoy him all winter long.


  • Empty plastic or clear glass bottle
  • White sugar or flour
  • Funnel
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Small black buttons, or dried black beans
  • Hot glue
  • White sock
  • Colored sock
  • 2 Rubber bands
  • Scissors
  • Orange pom-pom or orange button (or paint a black bean orange!)


  1. Using the funnel, fill the clear bottle with white sugar or flour. This is the body of the snowman.
  2. Glue 3 black buttons or beads down the front of the bottle.
  3. Cut two pipe cleaners, and bend them in the shape of “twig” arms. Glue them to the sides of the "body," or jar.
  4. Cut off the tip of a white sock, about 3 inches from the toe.
  5. Stuff the remaining part of the sock into the ‘cap’ part that you just cut. It will become the head. Pull together the ends of the cap, to form a tight ball. Wrap the end tightly with a rubber band.
  6. Glue the white sock ball on top of the bottle neck. Arrange it so the end with the rubber band is at the top, pointing up. The round, opposite side is the one to glue to the bottle to form the snowman’s head.
  7. Cut the colored sock in the same way as you did the white sock, making a 3- inch “cap" piece from the toe.
  8. Place the cap on the snowman’s head to make a hat. It will probably be too wide and tall for his head. This is fine.
  9. Glue the front of the hat to the head. If it is too big in the back, fold the long piece over, and glue it to the rest of the hat, making it snug.
  10. If there is extra sock material at the top of the head, wrap a rubber band around it to make a pom-pom for his hat.
  11. Cut a long strip, about 2 inches wide from the second colored sock; use it to make a scarf and tie it around the snowman’s neck .
  12. To finish, make the snowman’s face! Glue two beans or buttons for eyes. Glue an orange pom-pom, button, or painted bean for his nose, and 3 more beans or buttons for his mouth.


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