How To Play Indian Poker - Card Game

All players get one card and hold it facing out from their forehead. Base the strength of your card on the relative strength of your opponents' cards.

By Zachary Collinger

At least 3 people, but more people make for more fun
A standard deck of cards (no jokers)

game play
Each player is dealt one card, which he is not allowed to look at. Once the cards are dealt, players bring the cards to their foreheads, face out. All the players can see one another's cards, but not their own. Bets are made based on relative confidence — the weaker another player's card is, the stronger yours might be in comparison. The player with the highest card that does not fold is the winner

Outfox your opponents and be the player with the highest card at the table.

a twist on an old favorite
Classically, this game is played with just one card per player, but add a dynamic component and make it a blind game of 2 to 5 card poker OR, announce that the low card will be the winner.

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Great Article. is also a great website to learn poker. on 2013-06-25 02:25:37

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