"Johnny Roebeck" Song Lyrics

This wicked and slightly scary song will delight children with a strong sense of the macabre.

By Author Unknown

Away out in the forest
Lived mean old Johnny Roebeck.
He made the finest sausages
And sauerkraut, I 'spect.
He made the finest sausages
That ever you did see,
And one day he invented
A wonderful sausage machine.

Oh, Mister, Mister Johnny Roebeck
How could you be so mean.
I told you you'd be sorry for
Inventing that machine.
Now all the neighbors' cats and dogs
Will never more be seen.
They'll all be ground to sausages
In Johnny Roebeck's machine.

One day a boy went walking
He walked right in the store
He bought a pound of sausages
And laid them on the floor.
The boy began to whistle
He whistled up a tune,
Then all the little sausages
Danced around the room.

Repeat chorus

One day the machine got busted;
The darn thing wouldn't go.
So Johnny Roebeck climbed inside
To see what made it so.
His wife was having a nightmare
Walking in her sleep.
She gave the crank a heck of a yank,
And Johnny Roebeck was meat!

Repeat chorus


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