Meet the Grandparents

Introducing Today's First Time and Seasoned Grandparents


Yesterday and Focalyst, the leading Boomer and Mature consumer research company, unveiled the results of a new joint study of first-time and seasoned grandparents at our inaugural 'Meet the Grandparents' forum in New York City. The report, "Meet the Grandparents: Introducing Today's First Time and Seasoned Grandparents," highlights the mind-set of U.S. grandparents as well as their spending, media, and behavioral habits.

You can download a PDF of the report by clicking the link in the blue box.


My daughter is newly pregnant and I, the mom is struggling with not only did she tell her mother in law first that she was pregnant (granted we were in Europe, but they skyped us 1 week later, but she flew to Virginia in order to tell her husband's whole family together, she told our 2 sons (her brothers) separately. Now since this is the year she spends Thanksgiving with her husband's family she has already planned to give the name of the sex to her sister in law to bake into a cake to reveal at Thanksgiving. I told her it was a great idea but when I lamented that I wouldn't be there, she offered to skype me in, but I turned it down. I felt like an after thought.I realize I was responding to expectations that it would be different with my only daughter. I have 2 sons and their wives tell their moms every thing first. When I talked to my daughter about it she got angry at me and said I was making it all about me. She said she was going to do something for us but now she didn't even want to. I told her I responded out of hurt and I didn't want to be skyped into her husband's family Thanksgiving to be included on finding out the sex, I had hoped for something similar planned for our family. Bottom line I felt she owned my disappointment about not feeling included. I didn't want her to fix it or own it, but to just understand how that might feel. This is a big deal for me as I helped her struggle through medical issues to get to this point and I want to enjoy times of celebrating too with our family. Can any new grandmother to be relate? How have other moms felt?

2thfxr on 2014-10-14 01:14:49

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