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Share the love of reading this summer with your grandchild.

By PBS Parents

If you're caring for grandkids this summer, you’ll be a big part of their summer reading activities. From trips to the library, to cooking together, or just talking, time with your grandkids can help them acquire new words and build critical literacy skills.

Before your little guests arrive, you’ll want to check in with “mom and dad” to see if there are any special books you grandchildren are reading. Depending upon their ages, they may have reading lists to complete. You can plan to read the required books at the same time as your grandchildren to share the experience of reading a new book or an old favorite.

If they’re little and haven't yet mastered their ABCs, it’s a great idea to be prepared with a few favorite “read aloud” books. Reading old favorites will make bedtime more familiar. Invite your grandchild to “read” along to familiar parts of the story and identify key words as you read together.

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At age 53, I certainly could be a grandparent, but I'm a late life mommy to a beautiful kindergartener, almost six now (doesn't stop everyone from asking me about my granddaughter!) Our girl loves books but struggles with actual reading. All of the research shows how important it is for us to model reading and share reading with our kids (and grandkids), and we do!

There's a lot of debate these days about what it means to read to kids using digital media (ebooks) and as a print book lover, I get some of the resistance to reading with digital books. But I came around when our daughter read for the first time on a tablet, in spite of our house being filled with board books! It gave us a "whatever works, let's use ALL the tools we can" mentality! We subscribe to, whose books I appreciate because they are digital fascimiles of original print books, without games and other bells and whistles). Their resident librarian wrote an interesting blog about "retro meeting high tech" (remember the old Boxcar Children books?) but I really liked the way she talked about her children connecting with grandparents through technology, too: on 2013-06-06 15:05:19

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