Playlists for Kids I: Tunes for Toddlers

Grandkids know downloading. But, you can teach them the best tracks with this first of three playlists for kids ages 1-5, followed up by those for kids 6-10, and 11-15.

By Jeffrey Klineman

They're known as the compilation generation, this group of kids that can burn a mix of songs onto a CD in a few minutes' time. But just because they've been born with this knowledge seemingly hard-wired into their brains, that doesn't mean a resourceful grandparent can't teach the tykes a thing or two about good music.

No matter their ages, transmitting your favorite tunes to grandkids is easier now than it was when you were thoughtfully assembling sappy love-song mixes on the old Maxells and Memorexes. Using iTunes, a free program available from Apple, you can find the songs you want and purchase them one by one.

Burning the songs is a cinch. And, the CDs make inexpensive gifts that are personalized, and portable enough for the kids to tote around with them wherever they go. If you're really wired, download the music right to your grandkids' MP3 players when they drop by for a visit. See Apple's easy-to-follow instructions here.

Familiarity is key when selecting music to which your little grandkids can tumble about. Unless they're pocket Mozarts, their taste in music is fun, simple ... danceable. And, because entertaining things never get old it's likely you'll end up listening to just one or two songs over and over ... and over again.

Play it Again, GP

[photo photo2 align=left] This Old Man: Raffi's the pied piper of the preschool set. Better get used to it.


[photo photo3 align=left] Stop and Go: A pop star and her gal pal singing a melody sweeter than molasses.

Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell

[photo photo4 align=left] You Are My Sunshine: A likeable sing-along and an unbeatable take-away message.

Ray Charles with Chris Isaak

[photo photo5 align=left] Puff the Magic Dragon: We know. We saw Meet the Parents, too. But, it’s a really charming song about childhood, too. Honest.

Putomayo’s Reggae for Kids version (Various Artists)

[photo photo6 align=left] Wheels on the Bus:They’ll know it from every fieldtrip they ever go to. So should you.

Walt Disney Records: Children’s Favorites (Various Artists)

[photo photo7 align=left] Hey There, Little Insect: A silly number in which the Austin native introduces toddlers to the Bo Diddley beat.

Sarah Hickman

[photo photo8 align=left] Five Little Monkeys: They love to hear Mommy get scolded by the doctor!

Countdown Kids – 100 Silly Songs

[photo photo9 align=left] House Party Time: From rock star to children’s musician – and a tolerable one, at that.

Dan Zanes

[photo photo10 align=left] Lazyhead and Sleepybones: They always sounded juvenile; now, this nerd-rock band has started making lighthearted children’s music.

They Might Be Giants

[photo photo11 align=left] I Love You: Look, Barney may be a nightmarish dinosaur in your imagination, but to the toddler set, he’s got T-Rex-like charisma.



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