Road Trip Must-Haves

From frivolous and fun to totally necessary, these are our favorite games and gear for hitting the road with your grandchildren

By Phoebe Assenza

The NapSac

[photo napsac max-width=150 align=right]Traveling light is always best for road trips, but the amount of gear your grandbaby requires can make it feel like you’re packing for a yearlong expedition. Lilly Gold, a grandmother-inventor devoted to creating smart baby gear, has made traveling easier for grandparents with the NapSac. Based on her principle of multifunctional, stylish, and portable pieces, the NapSac is a diaper bag that folds into both a changing station and bassinet. With a bold red-and-zebra-pattern design, your little one is sure to be the best accessorized at the rest stop.

Price: $70
For ages: Infant
Available at:

Radica 20 Questions — Version 2.0

[photo 20Q max-width=150 align=right]The classic family car-ride game has been upgraded to an electronic, handheld device that seems to read your mind. Instead of playing against one another, you and your grandchildren can brainstorm on an object to stump the game’s computer. The small, orb-shaped toy will display a series of deductive questions on its screen, which one of you will answer. The rules are the same: If the game guesses your object correctly in 20 questions or less, it wins — any more than that, you win.

Price: $12
For ages: 8 and older
Available at:

Travel Boggle

[photo travelboggle max-width=150 align=right]Young fans of crossword puzzles and Scrabble might already be pros at the word-search game Boggle, and will look forward to a few hours on the road with this travel edition. It features the same accoutrements as the original version, (letter cubes, grid and dome, paper pads, and pencils) only mini-sized for portability. The slick little carrying case has a built-in electronic timer that “beeps softly” so as not to disturb the driver.

Price: $20
For ages: 8 and older
Available at:

Roger Burrows’ Images Travel Pack

[photo burrows max-width=150 align=right]Traveling artsy-types who can’t use their paints and easels in the back seat of your car will find an adequate creative outlet with the Roger Burrows Travel Pack. Based on the geographic principals and architectural design covered in his books, the British author and design expert made his classic coloring book lap-friendly with a hardback cover for a solid coloring surface and wire-o binding for easy page flipping. With blank and open geographic patterns, your grandchild can color in whatever shapes, objects, and figures he or she imagines. (Eight colored pencils included.)

Price: $10
For ages: 4 and older
Available at:


[photo nappernoo max-width=150 align=right]When Becky Kwilinski saw her grandchildren fall asleep bent into uncomfortable-looking positions in their booster seats, she was inspired to create something a little cozier. Thus, the Nappernoo was born, a cushion for kids, designed especially for road trips. The handmade and washable Nappernoo keeps their heads propped, much like those neck pillows adults use on airplanes. The cushiness, paired with a 100 percent cotton shell, ensures a smooth segue to sleepy time on the road. (Available in seven different colors.)

Price: $40
For kids: 40 lbs. and up
Available at:


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