5 Fun Things to Do With String

A simple thread can entertain children for hours.

By Sherri Lerner

We know your grandkids have you wrapped around their little fingers. When it comes time to entertain them, give them something to wrap around their own – a piece of string.

From lanyards to God’s Eyes to Cat’s Cradle, string games and crafts have provided challenging, creative fun for generations. Many kids become hooked on these activities at camp, but you can do them at home, too.

We've provided directions for some of the most basic projects. They can be tricky, but we promise, the effort will pay off in the pride your grandchildren feel when they finish a project, or are able to show off their new tricks to friends and family!


God's Eye
This summer camp staple makes a beautiful hanging
Make one in every color »

Cat's Cradle
This "string figure" is the basis for many others
Make it and try the next trick »

Tree Hole String Game
This Cat's Cradle variation mimics scenes of nature
What do you see?

Witch's Broom
They'll be swept away by this not-so-scary string figure
Just in time for Halloween »

Ice Cube Trick
Can kids hook an ice cube with a piece of string?
A very impressive feat »


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