Wine Glass Lampshade Craft

Use our handy wine glass lampshade template to create cute and coordinated table decor for any party.

By Kristen Sturt

Oh-so-simple and oh-so-cute, these little lampshades add class and coordination to any party table. Our wine glass lampshade template makes it easy. Add ribbons and other doodads as you like. We strongly suggest using battery-powered tealights over real candles to avoid the danger of fire.

4 wine glasses
1 piece 8.5x11 paper (for stencil)
4 pieces scrapbook paper or vellum
Various decorations – ribbon, rhinestones, etc. (optional)
4 battery-powered tealights

1. Click on this link to get the lampshade stencil. Print it out.

2. Trace the stencil on to the back of your scrapbook paper or vellum.

3. Cut out the shade. If desired, fold over one end about 1/2-inch so the cut side won’t show up on the outside of the lamp.

4. Glue together to make the shade. You can hide the seam with ribbon if you like.

5. Decorate as preferred.

6. Add tealight.


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