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Grandkids come with a whole new set of rules. Learn how to deal with toddler tantrums, tween texting, and teenage angst.

Is This Normal?

By Jennifer Nycz-Conner | Discipline & Behavior

When little children parade around in their birthday suits, some adults find the show shocking

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5 Lessons Kids Need to Learn the Hard Way

By Sally Stich | Discipline & Behavior

Life isn't always rainbows and sunshine — and in some cases, it's okay for kids to experience that for themselves

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How to Raise Grateful Grandkids

By Ellen Breslau | Discipline & Behavior

Teaching kids to be to be thankful can have a lasting effect on their level of happiness, grades, friendships, and more.

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Why It's Ok If Your Teenage Grandkids Sext

By Jennifer Kelly Geddes | Discipline & Behavior

Many teens are tempted to push tech limits. Here’s why kids are sexting and how to deal with it.

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Spanking Your Grandchild: Is It Right or Wrong?

By Lambeth Hochwald | Discipline & Behavior

Experts put an end to the spanking debate.

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Why It's Never Okay to Spank a Child

By Andrea Atkins | Discipline & Behavior

New research indicates spanking could lower kids' IQ and lead to serious behavioral problems down the road.

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Kids' Biggest Discipline Problems, Solved!

By The Editors | Discipline & Behavior

From tantrums to disrespect to dinner issues, global parenting expert Jo Frost has seen it all. Now, she's doling out her best advice for grandparents.

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Teaching Kids How to Fail Successfully

By Julie Weingarden Dubin | Discipline & Behavior

Tips to help them tackle life and overcome obstacles with less fear.

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4 Life Lessons Every Grandparent Should Teach Their Grandkids

By Jennifer Kelly Geddes | Discipline & Behavior

These core values give kids a great foundation for living a successful life.

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How to Manage Kids' Expectations — In an Age of Entitlement

By Caila Ball | Discipline & Behavior

Experts confirm it: Kids today are more entitled than ever. Here's how to manage their expectations and keep kids on track.

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