Do You Discipline the Right Way?

Grandparents don’t need to yell to discourage bad behavior. Are your strategies working?

By Charlotte Latvala
  • Your 3-year-old grandchild uncorks a major tantrum while you're babysitting. You:

  • You’ve caught a grandchild in a lie. You:

  • Your grandson won’t shut off and put away his video game — even though you’ve asked repeatedly. You:

  • Your 8-year-old granddaughter snaps at you when you tell her it’s time for bed. You:

  • Your 10-year-old grandson, bent over his homework, asks you how to spell receive. You:

  • You see that your 12-year-old grandson’s room is a pigsty. You:

  • Your 7-year-old granddaughter whines, "I’m bored," whenever she’s at your house. You say:

  • While staying at your house, your teenage granddaughter begs to stay out an hour later than her usual curfew because "all my friends can stay out later." You:

  • On a long drive, your 6-year-old granddaughter keeps whining, "Are we there yet?" You:

  • Your 4-year-old grandson shouts, "You’re not the boss of me!" when you tell him to come to the table for dinner. You shout back:

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