6 Things Kids Should Always Be Scolded For

No need to think twice — these scenarios signal that it's time to lay down the law.

By Jeff Vrabel
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I am watching two of my grands Mon thru Friday, one is 2 the other 12 1/2. The older one has a real attitude problem, he is like Jeckyl and Hyde. When I ask him a question, about anything he just ignores me until I have asked at least 3 times. When he acts up I tell him he needs to go to his room and chill, NO, is what I get back. His parents have talked to him, reminding him that I am in charge and that he needs to be respectful. When my kids where growing up, and when I was a kid, a mouth full of soap or a belt across my backside was the way to correct such problems, but not today. Any suggestions. I do not have great patience, when I ask a question, or ask you to do something, I expect it to be done or answered now, its hard for me to keep my emotions in check, sometimes I will just go outside to catch myself, sometimes he will follow me and ask what's wrong. Help, love him and I am tired.

mamaribbit on 2014-04-18 22:52:42

I have a mealtime comment...not when the grandkids are with us but when eating dinner at their home.
The 5 and 3 year old will not eat their dinner. The plate is fixed for them with items that they like or contain ingredients they like ...all that is asked is that they 'try' it. They will not eat. The youngest decides almost once a week or every two weeks...to really mess...on her face, in her hair etc.
They have demonstrated that they both know and are able to eat with their utensils neatly and with manners. They are always good when out or to a party or relative's house but then pull this stuff when home. Discipline tactics have been used: take away a favorite toy, take away family story time right before bed, etc. Also, the oldest dawdles. He can be there 40 minutes and not have eaten a bite. My concern is that they (all of them!) are going to make mealtime an unhappy time and results could be tummy aches, nervousness etc. Any ideas?
I know it is frustrating for the parents to rush home from work, cook a decent meal, etc...only to have this happen . It is also a waste of food. Any ideas?/comments?

GMAofSRCAMC on 2014-01-21 10:07:18

I agree about manners right down to the Please, Thank You, Hello & Good bye...the kids now a days don't even want to acknowledge someones' presence..give them a gift and they just take it without as much as a "thank you"..without prompting from their parents..I'm talking about not little kids but teenagers...

jonibee on 2013-05-09 08:40:04

How do you handle cousins being mean to younger cousins, without causing problems with your son or daughter.

Mom/Don on 2013-05-07 13:50:39

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