The Ultimate Back-to-School Guide for Grandparents

We've got everything you need to help the kids get ready for class

By The Editors

Whether you hosted sleepovers for your grandchildren, went on vacation with them, or just went bowling or to the mall once a week, we hope you made the most of the summer. Now it's time for the kids to go back to class, but with our help, you can get them ready, get them outfitted, and help them with their homework. Read on for our guide to being there for the kids during back-to-school and beyond.

The Grandparents' Guide to Education

Our experts tell you exactly what your grandchildren should learn in school, from grades K through 8

Back-to-School Toys and Activities

These games, toys, and activities will get kids excited for their first day back

Back-to-School Crafts

Get kids excited about school by making these scholastic crafts

How To Support Your School

You can give back to your community, and catch up with your grandchildren

Are You Ready for Them To Go Back to School?

Our partners at have advice for helping you guide kids back to class

Can You Still Help Pay for College?

In today's economy, it might be a better idea to look out for yourself first


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