Take the Feel Grand Challenge

Complete each of these small feats and feel grand long after they're done.

By The Editors

How often do you test yourself by doing something truly unexpected? Can't remember the last time? Then get in on the Feel Grand Challenge and complete five small physical or mental tests. The goal: Feel grand and surprise yourself! You can do each one in just a couple of minutes.

feel wiseFeel Wise: Recover a Lost Memory

The result? You'll be amazed at the power of your brain and your own positive outlook. Get the challenge details here >>

feel energizedFeel Energized: Ice Cold-Water Plunge

Feel exhilarated and refresh your spirit by jolting out of your everyday comfort—one foot at a time. Get the challenge details here >>

feel lovedFeel Loved: Smile at Strangers

Make eye contact and create a brief, warm connection with someone you don't know—and let the love flow. Get the challenge details here >>

feel strongFeel Strong: Compliment Yourself

It's easy—you do it every day for other people. Now turn those positive vibes inward. Get the challenge details here >>

feel healthyFeel Healthy: Spell on One Leg

Can you stand on one leg and spell your grandchild's name with your raised foot? Get the challenge details here >>

Find more fun for Grandparents Day 2014 here! >>


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