Grandparents Day Activities & Crafts

National Grandparents Day is for crafts, and the perfect bonding opportunity with grandkids.

Grandparents Day Crafts
Grandparents Day is the perfect day to get together and make precious keepsakes that feature photos of the whole family. Get crafty with the kids »

Start a Tradition With Your Grandchildren
This Grandparents Day, turn a fun activity into a treasured tradition between you and your grandchildren. Something you and your grandchildren will always remember »

Take a Hike Together
While the weather is still nice, take a walk with the whole family. Celebrate Grandparents Day by unplugging and venturing into nature for some good conversation and healthy exercise. Get back to the basics »

25 Great Sleepover Activities
The eve of Grandparents Day is a great night for the grandchildren to sleep over. Fill the day and night with fun with these great ideas. Slumber party fun »

Introduce Your Grandkids to Gardening
Grandparents and grandchildren can both enjoy getting their hands dirty with this fun hobby. Dig in with the grandkids »

Pamper Yourselves With Homemade Spa Treats
Grandmothers and granddaughters have a blast pampering each other with these recipes. Spa time together »

Take a Fishing Trip
Grandfathers and grandsons can spend the day enjoying the great outdoors together. Throw out a line »



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