Grandparents Day Basics

Essentials to guide your relationship with your grandchildren on National Grandparents Day

By The Editors

30 Essentials Every Grandparent Should Have
For fun, snacks, and safety, these basics make every child's visit a grand one. See all Grandparenting Essentials »

7 Laws of Grandparenting
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How Cool a Grandparent Are You?
When your grandchildren talk about pop culture, can you follow along? This quiz could help »

The Ultimate Guide to Grandparent Names

We have every name you can possibly think of, and then some. Pick yours! »

The Grandparents' Guide to Education

Experts tell what grandchildren should learn in school, from grades K through eight. Help them excel »

How To Bond From a Distance
With these innovative ideas, you can establish a close connection from far away. Learn what to do »

25 Reasons Kids Love Grandparents
There's something about grandparents that grandkids love. Actually, there are at least 25 things »

7 Rules Grandparents Love to Break
Parents lay down the law; these grandparents put it aside. Why they say it's okay »

Expert's Picks: 28 Great Children's Books
Our new columnist tells how her favorites have influenced her and her kids. Find a book for your grandchild »

6 Things You Got Right
Your kids used to complain about your parenting style. Now they're copying it. Cod-liver oil is back »

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In the years since Jimmy Carter first declared Grandparents Day a national holiday in 1978, we’ve been following his call to reflect on the impact grandparents have on our own lives — and on society. In that spirit, we’ll help you celebrate the grands in your life with creative gifts, activities for the whole family, and more.



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