10 Gifts You Can Help Kids Make for Their Parents

Channel your inner elf and help the children make magic.

By Leslie Frederick and Meg Gleason

Holiday Sand Art
Measure one cup of kosher salt into a paper cup. For a Christmas theme, add a few drops of red food coloring to salt and stir it with a fork until blended. Create green salt following the same directions. Layer the green salt, red salt, and plain white salt in a clear jar all the way to the top and close the jar with its lid. Tie a ribbon around the jar to make it even more festive. For Chanukah, use blue food coloring and layer blue and white throughout. For a sophisticated look, run a sharpened pencil vertically along the inside edges of the jar to make wavy patterns.

White Button Snowflake
With chalk, draw lines to create a snowflake on black paper. Glue white buttons on the lines. Place the snowy masterpiece in an inexpensive frame or cut out the shape and add a cardboard back and a safety pin to create a piece of jewelry.

Sock Sachet
Use a frilly baby sock and stuff it with cotton balls that have been misted with perfume. Tie the top with a ribbon to create a pretty sachet for a drawer.

Snow Family Pencil Holder
Measure a piece of blue construction paper to wrap around an empty can. (Make sure the top of the can is free of sharp edges.) Glue cotton balls onto the paper to create 3-D snowmen. Glue the completed art onto the can.

Holiday-Card Bookmark
Recycle old holiday cards into bookmarks. Cut the cards into rectangles. Punch a hole at one end and thread ribbon or yarn through the hole for a literary look.

Celebration Coupons
Create coupons redeemable for hugs, kisses, or simple household tasks. Illustrate the coupons and assemble them into a book with a celebratory cover.

Generational Handprint
Trace your hand onto a sheet of paper. Then, trace your grandchild’s inside your handprint. Color in the handprints and frame for a precious keepsake.


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