Faux Cupcakes for April Fool's

These crafty cakes are more trick than treat

By Sherri Lerner

Everybody loves a cupcake, but these may be a little tough to swallow. Made with wall putty (or Spackle), polystyrene balls, and a couple of actually edible ingredients, these Faux Cupcakes, from Heidi Kenney's Every Day's a Holiday (Chronicle), are a fun and creative April Fool's Day trick. Maybe you and the kids can craft a batch for their mom and dad as an April Fool's Day surprise. (Just don't leave them lying aorund where someone like a younger sibling might actually take a bite out of one ...)

[photo cover align=right max-width=150]Materials:
Disposable butter knife
10 to 12 ounces wall putty
6 paper cupcake liners
Six 2 1/2-inch polystyrene balls
Muffin tin (for 6 muffins)
Disposable bowl
Assorted colors food coloring
Disposable piping kit (optional)
Cupcake toppers (optional)
Small paintbrush
Tacky glue
Acrylic spray sealant

1. Use the disposable butter knife to spread a small amount of putty into the bottom of each cupcake liner. Spread a small amount of putty all around each polystyrene ball. Put the liners into the cupcake tin and press a ball into each liner. Let dry for several hours; remove from tin.

2. In disposable bowl, stir about 1 cup wall putty with several drops of food coloring to make the frosting; if you wish, you can make several colors. Alternatively, you can leave the putty white.

3. Using the knife, spread the frosting onto the cupcake tops just as you would a real cupcake. You can also use a disposable piping kit to pipe decorative shapes and patterns with the frosting. Add cupcake toppers if desired.

4. Once the cupcakes dry, use paintbrush to apply a small amount of tacky glue over the top of the cupcakes. Sprinkle on the sprinkles and allow glue to dry thoroughly. (Do not put on sprinkles before cupcakes are dry or the colors will bleed.)

5. Take the cupcakes outside and spray with acrylic sealant to help sprinkles adhere and to add a protective layer.

6. Arrange on a plate or cake stand and let the fun begin.

Grandparents.com has everything you need for a great family Easter:

From Every Day's a Holiday © 2010, by Heidi Kenney. Photographs © 2010 by France Ruffenach. Printed with permission of Chronicle Books, LLC


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