Fluffy Bunny Easter Basket

Transform a plastic gallon jug into this adorable egg carrier.

By Emily Miranda

Pay close attention to the first few steps where you cut the basket shape. Once you have done this correctly, you can have fun decorating this precious project together.


  • An empty, clean plastic gallon jug (with handle)
  • Scissors
  • Big bag of cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Plastic container
  • Marker
  • Pink construction paper
  • Black buttons, black jelly beans, or black paper


Grandparents, first you need to cut the milk jug:

  1. Looking at the jug from above, with a sharp marker, draw a circle around the mouth of the jug, about 1 inch from the opening, all the way around.
  2. Next, looking at the jug from the front (with the handle in back), draw two bunny ears, starting 4 inches from the bottom of the jug, and ending so the tips of the ears meet the circle you just drew on top.
  3. Now looking at the back of the jug so the handle is facing you, draw two vertical lines an inch and a half from either side of the handle, beginning from the circle line on top and ending 4 inches from the bottom of the jug.
  4. Looking at the side of the jug, connect the bottom of the bunny ears with the bottom of the line around the handle with the horizontal line (4 inches from the bottom).
  5. Place the scissors inside the mouth and cut along the lines.

Now, the fun part for you and your grandchildren:

  1. Pour a puddle of glue into the plastic container. With the paintbrush, paint glue around the inside of the entire cut edge.
  2. Stick cotton balls all along the edge. Let them hang over the edge a bit.
  3. Paint glue along the outside of the edge, again letting the cotton balls hang over the edge a bit. The entire cut edge should be covered at this point — safe from scratching little hands!
  4. Cut pink construction paper into 2 bunny "ears." Glue the pink ears onto the ones on the jug.
  5. Pull apart cotton balls into mini-cotton balls, and glue these around the edges of the ears, allowing a little pink paper to show.
  6. Continue to paint glue section by section, and stick on the cotton balls.
  7. Do NOT glue cotton balls onto the handle. Glue them all around, but leave the handle free for little hands to fit in and carry.
  8. Once the entire basket is covered with cotton balls, cut a piece of pink construction paper into a small circle, and glue on the front for a bunny nose.
  9. Glue the black buttons, jelly beans or small circles of black paper above the nose for eyes.
  10. Fill with Easter grass and have the kids wait for the Easter bunny to fill their basket with goodies!

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