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Catch up on the latest gadgets—from tablets to cellphones—and learn how to balance technology in kids' lives.

Is Touch Screen Technology Good for Your Grandchild?

By Kristen Sturt | Kids & Technology

Touchscreens and young children can be a good combination if you approach them right.

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5 Best Apps for Kids

By Damon Brown | Kids & Technology

Games, interactive stories, and more — all at $3.99 or less.

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10 Tips to Promote Healthy Video Gaming

By Scott Steinberg | Kids & Technology

Video games are a fact of life. Here's how to make the best of them.

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The Future of Toys: Augmented Reality and App Integration

By Christy Matte | Kids & Technology

A new era of toys for tech-savvy kids

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Family-Friendly Technology for the Future

By The Editors at Techlicious | Kids & Technology

The newest in toys, tools, and TVs

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How to Keep Kids Safe Online

By Suzanne Kantra | Kids & Technology

Monitoring their usage is essential starting at a young age

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Cyberbullying, Sexting and Other Online Dangers

By The Editors | Kids & Technology

The experts in internet security tell you what to watch for

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The Verdict on Video Games

By Eric Butterman | Kids & Technology

Are they harmless or harmful? The answer may surprise you.

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Help Grandchildren Move From Texters to Writers

By Mike Ayers | Kids & Technology

Too many grandchildren are using text-messaging language in their school work, and paying the price

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Is Your Grandchild Being Cyberbullied?

By Candice Kelsey | Kids & Technology

Teens have always teased each other. But using the internet, they can do it 24/7 and truly disrupt each other's lives.

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